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Autumn 2017 

The Common habitat continued to flourish throughout the summer period, benefitting from all the busy and productive work carried out last winter.  In particular, the trees along the river were successfully pollarded in the early spring and are now fully recovered.

Since 2013, Knodishall Common has been supported by the Higher Level Stewardship Agreement scheme administered by the Rural Payments Agency.  In conjunction with Suffolk Wildlife Trust, a 10 year Management Plan was introduced and one of the key stewardship requirements is that the proportion of gorse to rare habitat has to be monitored.  This has resulted in successive working parties clearing old gorse between November and February.  This is essential in order to facilitate the increasingly visible new growth as well as encouraging wildllife by improved maintenance of rare habitat.  In January Susan Stone from Suffolk Wildlife Trust visited the Common to review progress and we are happy to report that she was impressed with how much has been achieved.

Her full report is attached:



Cllr Liz Hayward is the Common Fire Watch Officer.  Tel. 01728 832695.


Anyone interested in helping on the Common should contact Cllr Wigg on 01728 830117





Management Plan