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Village Groups

Knodishall Village groups and organisations


Organisation Name Address / Website Tel: No
Brownies Mrs J Mayhew 23 Hawthorn Close   831748
  Alison Smith Ju-Charon, St Andrews Road /knodishallbrownies@gmail.com  
Guides Sarah Staff The Bungalow, School Road 832438
Carpet Bowls Mr J Threadkell 53 Judith Avenue 831312
Local History Group Julia Pipe The Forge, Mill Road 830639
Mother & Toddler Group Mrs Beth Perrott
Methodist Ladies Groups
Ida Phillip  ida@idaandmartin.me.uk  
Playgroup  Gemma Pearce    07856 165990
Womens Institute Wendy Merfield 9 Sparrow Cottage 831124
Village Hall Trustees /Flower Show David Murphy 2 Holly Cottages, St Andrews Rd. 830118
Knodishall Parish Church Tim Haxell   Egglestee, St Andrews Road, IP17 1UR  
Hall Bookings
Methodist Church Hall Norma Biggs Ramillies Low Road Friston 687504
Mission Rooms Gemma Pearce   07856 165990
Village Hall Mrs Corneby 7 Judith Avenue Knodishall 831545
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